Chapter Committees

Advisory Council Committee

Chair: Nikki Graves
Committee: Jennifer Durham, Elaine Matzenbacher, Jennifer Venable, John Majchrzak, Shirley Mason

Duties: It shall be the function of the Council to service in an advisory capacity to the Board of Directors. The Advisory Council shall consist of the five (5) most recent Past Presidents not serving as members of the Board of Directors and whose term of office ended other than by removal. The most immediate Past President not serving as a member of the Board of Directors shall serve as Chairman of the Advisory Council.

Audit and Finance Committee

Chair: John Majchrzak
Committee: Shirley Mason, Greg Wright

Duties: To audit the books of the Chapter at the close of the fiscal year. To recommend any procedural changes or record keeping improvements to the Board of Directors. Consists of four (4) members of the Chapter and shall meet not less often than once per year.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Stephen Taylor
Committee: Jennifer Durham (Co-Chair), Jennifer Grenados

Duties: To review and recommend revision of the Bylaws to the board of Directors as required.

Certification Contact Committee

Chair: Melissa Lucas
Committee: John Majchrzak (Co-Chair)

Duties: To promote chapter member interest in achieving certification. To instruct and provide educational training materials to those interested in achieving HFMA certification designations.

Chapter Awards Committee

Chair: Shirley Mason
Committee: Greg Wright, Nikki Graves

Duties: To serve as a selection committee determining the recipient of the Bloerjack and Edmundson Awards. This recognizes the member contributing the most to the Chapter. To determine the recipients of other special Chapter awards.

Davis Chapter Management System Committee

Chair: Troy Lindsey
Committee: Melissa Lucas (Co-Chair)

Duties: To work toward Chapter attainment of excellence. To encourage individual members to contribute to the Chapter in terms of committee service, project completion, and authorship of individual position papers. To continually check compliance, member satisfaction, and progress.

Founders Committee

Chair: Nikki Graves
Committee: Shirley Mason (Co-Chair)

Duties: To maintain the records for the Founders merit Awards points, advising of those members eligible for awards. To submit articles to the newsletter informing members of how they can accrue Founders Points. To keep members informed of the number of points they have accrued.

Golf Committee

Chair: Jon Waitukaitis
Committee: Shirley Mason

Membership Committee

Chair: Julie Aman
Committee: Jennifer Grenados (Co-Chair), Terry Swan, Shirley Mason

Duties: To process applications for membership and advancement. Shall be comprised of seven (7) individuals and shall meet a least quarterly in advance of Board of Directors meetings for the purpose of acting on applications for membership. To prepare a plan for membership recruitment, welcome new members, to Chapter meetings, and help them become acquainted with current members. To make membership brochures and applications available at all Chapter meetings. 

Newsletter/Communication Committee

Chair: Barbara Johnson
Committee: Kristin Scott (Co-Chair), Shirley Mason

Duties: To publish and distribute a newsletter to all Chapter Members, President of IHA, Regional Executive, Board Member Liaison, Presidents of other chapters in our region, Administrators of other hospitals in our Southern Illinois area without Chapter representation.

Nominating Committee

Chair: Nikki Graves
Committee: Shirley Mason, Melissa Lucas, Troy Lindsey, John Majchrzak

Duties: To nominate officer and director candidates from among the qualified membership to serve as members of the Board of Directors or as officers. Comprised of six (6) member of the Chapter. The committee shall meet at least once per year to present a slate of officers to the chapter president no later than January 15th of each year.

Program Committee

Chair: Melissa Lucas
Committee: Troy Lindsey (Co-Chair), Nikki Graves, Keith Anderson, Jennifer Durham, Shirley Mason, Stephem Taylor, Jennifer Durham, Jennifer Grenados

Duties: To make all arrangements for no less than four (4) educational programs for the Chapter, including dates, locations, topics, and speakers. To submit a list of meeting attendees to the Davis Chapter Management Committee for reporting to National. The President-elect and Vice President shall Co-Chair this committee.

Scholarship Committee

Chair: Shannon Hartke
Committee: Marilyn Dixon, Valerie Cawvey, LuAnne Warren

Duties: To administer the Scholarship Program. To develop an Internship Program for students entering the healthcare/financial profession. To recommend cooperative education through professional experience programs in colleges. To actively encourage student membership in the Chapter. To maintain records relative to continuing professional education obtained at the Chapter programs for CPE education credits. To ensure the Chapter meets the sponsorship requirements for Illinois, Missouri, and Indiana CPA continuing professional education.

Social Event Committee

Chair: Terri DiMaria
Committee: Shirley Mason

Duties: To plan networking opportunities for the Chapter’s members offering the means for the sharing of healthcare information for the betterment of the Chapter and its members.

Social Media Committee

Chair: Keith Anderson
Committee: Barbara Johnson (Co-Chair), Shirley Mason, Melissa Lucas, Nikki Graves

Sponsorship Committee

Chair: Jennifer Durham
Committee: Barbara Johnson, Shirley Mason, Jon Waitukaitis, Marie Perkey, Lionel Montoya

Duties: To seek sponsors for our Chapter in an effort to increase revenue. This will, in turn, allow for higher quality educational programs for the Chapter Members

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: Greg Wright
Committee: Melissa Lucas, Shirley Mason, Stephen Taylor, Troy Lindsey, Keith Anderson, Barbara Johnson, Julie Aman, Jennifer Grenados, John Majchrzak, Nikki Graves

Duties: To annually review, monitor, and update the Chapter’s Strategic Plan.

Website Committee

Chair: Keith Anderson
Committee: Barbara Johnson, Jennifer Durham (Co-Chair)

Duties: To establish and maintain a Chapter website which will offer Local and National information to our members as well as offer information to prospective members.