Southern Illinois Chapter Listings 

The Southern Illinois HFMA Chapter will post an employment ad for a member of any HFMA chapter at no cost, on the website and in the newsletter. The ads will be left on the website for one month and placed in the newsletter for the next edition.

If the request is made from an employer who is not a member of any HFMA chapter charges for employment ads will be the same as ads placed in the newsletter.

  • $100 – full page
  • $75 – half page
  • $50 – quarter page
  • $25 – business card

Whether you’re climbing the ladder or you’ve reached the top, you must stay continuously focused on your career. HFMA gives you a distinct advantage every step of the way. Professional certification programs, career self-assessments, employment opportunity updates, resume referral services, mentoring opportunities, and national and local leadership opportunities let you have a hand in shaping the future of the industry and the profession.