Greetings to all members and friends of Southern Illinois Chapter of HFMA:

As I finish out my last days as president of our chapter, I find myself reflecting on the year.  As a team, we have accomplished so much!  Last week, we were told our chapter will be receiving 3 of the 4 Yergers we applied for, we continue to provide quality education to each of you, and we are growing in size.   

Last week, our officers, board, and chapter chairs spent a day collaborating at mini-LTC to come up with new ways to serve our members.  Each year, we are challenged by goals National HFMA sets for chapters.  But the upcoming year will have objectives designed by our own chapter allowing us to really focus on the things that we agree will improve our already-mighty chapter.  We have some great ideas that we are eager to begin working on.  As I left our mini-LTC meeting, I was so proud that I could be a part of the people we have leading our chapter.  We have a great team built!

I leave you in the strong, capable, fearless hands of Shirley Mason.  The past year we have been such a great duo, working together, and building a relationship that will sustain our lifetime.  She is going to knock it out of the ballpark and lead this chapter to new heights. 

I will not be far away as I will be continuing on as the Region 7 RE3.  I will do my best to continue to provide any assistance and support I can. 

You guys are great!  Thank you for the honor of serving you. 


Nikki Graves
2017-2018 President
Southern Illinois Chapter 

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