To our southern Illinois HFMA Members,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 chapter year!  

In April, six of your leaders attended the Leadership Training Conference in New Orleans.  Our national Chair, Kevin Brennan introduced his theme for this year; Imagine Tomorrow.  I am confident and optimistic when I imagine tomorrow for our ‘small but mighty’ chapter.  Before I can imagine tomorrow I have to reflect on our past. I am humbled by the dedication and sacrifices of our past volunteer leaders that brought us here.  We experienced huge successes last year under the leadership of our President Nikki Graves, Officers, Directors, and Committees.

To imagine tomorrow we assembled a strong volunteer team to take us into 2018-2019.  Your leadership team is only as strong as our members’ involvement.  Ask questions, give feedback, think big, and request it.   This is your healthcare educational future.  Our support team at national has amazing resources we can bring to the local level.

We held our Mini LTC in May where we worked with Kim Coker, a chapter advancement team facilitator. Kim helped us build on past years by guiding us with our strategic plan and direction.  We also held our planning meeting in May so we could brainstorm the educational needs for this year.  You will be pleased with our upcoming timely educational offerings and dynamic speakers.   We had another successful year at our spring meeting in St Louis as we collaborated with Greater St Louis and the Showme chapters. As you can see we’ve been very busy!

I look forward to seeing you all on August 16, 2018 at the Regency Conference Center in Shiloh IL for our first meeting of the chapter year.  Terri DiMaria, our social chair is working on another fun night at the Cardinals game on August 15th. 

I am honored and excited to serve as the President of Southern Illinois HFMA.  I will strive to meet your expectations.


Shirley Mason
2018-2019 President
Southern Illinois Chapter

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